Boiler Service in Harrogate

Smart Energy offer complete servicing for your boiler. The main reasons for servicing your boiler are as follows:

1. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Carbon monoxide (CO) can be produced by poorly maintained or faulty appliances. It is vital that appliances are inspected and serviced to ensure they are working safely.

2. Efficiency
A number of checks carried out during a service are to ensure appliances are working to their maximum efficiency. This will help reduce annual fuel costs, saving you money.

3. Reliability
Regular services help to identify any potential problems and therefore minimises breakdowns.
A service includes:

• Visual inspection of the integrity of the boiler and flue.
• Boiler casing removed to check all main boiler components including the burner, heat exchanger, main injector and the spark/sensor probe.
• Inside casing surfaces cleaned.
• Check cleanliness of the water in the radiators to ensure maximum efficiency of your heating system.
• Main heat exchanger and boiler parts cleaned (not always required on condensing boilers)
• Boiler casing seals inspected for integrity to ensure adequate sealing
• Gas working pressure test conducted to ensure that adequate gas is supplied to the appliance.
• Combustion readings analysed and gas valve adjusted, if necessary, to ensure the burner is combusting efficiently and correctly.
• All readings must be within manufacturers guidelines and all results will be provided in a print off as evidence for your peace of mind.

Boiler Installation

Smart Energy carry out boiler replacements in Harrogate and the surrounding areas. We install the top-rated boilers currently available and the materials we use are of the highest quality to ensure that the best possible reliability is achieved.

We are accredited installers for Worcester Bosch boilers and Vaillant. This means our engineers have been trained by the manufacturers to the high standard required to install their products. Another benefit is the warranty offered is increased for your peace of mind.

Before any installation, a detailed survey is carried out to ensure you will receive the correct system for your requirements at the best cost and efficiency. We can also provide a full powerflush to get the existing systems as clean as possible. This will cleanse your system of any harmful sediment and adhere to any warranty requirements from the manufacturer. In some cases, warranties are voided due to sediment being present and not removed before an installation.

We also provide full maintenance to continue caring for your system and new boiler, carrying out annual servicing and dealing with any problems that may arise.

Older boilers can be inefficient in the way they convert fuel to heat. The new energy efficient boilers operate at over 90% efficiency compared to older systems that were sometimes under 70%.

Most importantly we can setup your boiler to run at the correct heat for your property. The majority of installers will leave the boiler set at the manufacturers standard rating which will cost you more in your heating bills than needed. We are able to range rate appropriate boilers to operate at the correct heat once we have surveyed the property and calculated your needs.

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